User’s Guide to Aromatherapy & Oil Choices

by BrownCastle Team on July 24, 2019

We hear questions all the time about what essential oils should be used for purifying the home, energizing your morning and how to relax in the evening. And everyone should have easy access to that information in one place, so we thought we should share our favorite oil facts and tips with you.

In addition to the following information, all of our diffusers offer a fun PDF guide with an oil blend unique to the design and extra scent suggestions we love, so check them out!

Did you know…

Not all essential oils are made equal?

While there are many brands and blends on the market, it is important to choose a reliable company to receive the best benefit…even if it may be a few dollars more.
If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. You see, the FDA does not regulate essential oils for their contents and ‘purity’.  So drugstore and off brand oils aren’t just the distilled flower, citrus or herb you may think you are buying. They contain filler oils, like nut, seed and synthetic oils that can clog the mechanisms in diffusers and also shouldn’t be ingested for dietary support like true essential oils.

For a trusted U.S. brand, try Young Living. We offer their most popular oils at a discount on our website. Other vetted oil companies are doTerra and Mountain Rose Herbs.

Young Living Oils

Did you know…

You can use oils for other purposes than diffusing?

If your home already smells lovely from your recent diffusing blend, you can also use your oils for cleaning, beauty and wellness!

Try Lemon or Thieves in your kitchen cleaning regimen to help give a fresh boost and remove dirt and bacteria.

Use Lavender and Tea Tree in your moisturizer to reduce blemishes, boost appearance and cleanse. Plus, Lavender is also a great protector or after application for sun burns.

We all know citrus is great for immunity but it also helps boost digestion. Try Orange in your next smoothie.


Did you know…

You can choose oils based on how you want to feel?

If you are looking for a mental boost, to relax, alleviate allergies, energize before work or basically anything else, then there is an oil for that!

Pick Peppermint, Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit for energy. You can also combine Peppermint with your workout routine to get you motivated.

Try Eucalyptus to aid respiratory function and mix with Lavender or Peppermint to help allergies.

To relax Lavender is everyone’s go to, but you can also use Sandalwood or Cedarwood. Try Bergamot if you need to a boost of positivity before drifting off.

Having a long day at work? Try Tangerine, Vetiver or Frankincense to help you concentrate and find focus.

 Photosensitive Oils

Did you know…

Some oils shouldn’t be used in the sun?

Okay, so you should always store your oils in a cool dark place. Heat can destroy the distillation properties of the oil so to last the longest, put in a drawer or cabinet.

But what we really mean here is that if you are using oils on your skin, some of them can’t be used if you plan to be outside, or even driving in the car where the sun in beaming in on you.

Photosensitive oils
contain compounds which can cause UV sensitivity and proper brands have these bottles marked so you always know. But just in case you aren’t sure, citrus oils are the main culprit. So don’t use bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange or tangerine on your skin if you will be in the sun within 24 hours. Some oil blends contain citrus oils as well so make sure you read the contents.


Did you know…

Some oils can’t be used with pets?

We love our furry family members and always want them to be safe. So here are some oils you can try if your pets are too curious to leave your diffuser alone.

Essential Oils Safe For Both Cats and Dogs

Did you know…

You can mix your favorite scents to create a whole new aroma?

It is amazing what a few drops of one oil and another of something different can do to your diffusing! Mixing your own drops to create a new blend is a great experiment and you can always use our favorite suggestions to try something new...

Best Diffuser Blends