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Touchscreen TENS EMS Electronic Massager

    Shield TENS-EMS Touchscreen Electronic Massager

    $ 49.95

        Imagine rapidly overcoming the muscle, nerve, and joint pain that dominates and dictates your life.  Our revolutionary touchscreen TENS unit was built on customer recommendations and provides you with unmatched control over your treatment.

        • Powerful and reliable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery provides hours of uninterrupted relief and recharges in a quick 30 minutes!

        • You're unit arrives charged and ready to use so you can get started on your relief right away.

        • 6 massage modes each with 4 variations, totaling 24 modes all on a combination TENS-EMS frequency.

        • Treat two areas at once with independently controlled intensity levels on a 20 point scale.

        • Choose all of your settings with the easy to use touch screen, no more cycling through options!

        • Fits in your hand or pocket, so you may enjoy freedom from pain wherever you go. Plus, you'll receive a Free Bonus Holder.

        • Built with safety in mind, these units have been FDA cleared for over the counter use.

        • Backed by a Lifetime Manufacture Warranty and a 1 Year Accidental Breakage Replacement Guarantee!

        Though pain is the #1 reason for missed work in the United States, you can overcome it and live your life without harmful pain medications or costly doctor's appointments.  Plus, when you choose Shield to manage your muscle, nerve or joint pain, you have our full support to ensure your pain is blocked!

        Specifications: Your pre-charged touchscreen unit comes packaged with everything you need for relief: a manual, armband, charger, 2 lead wires, 1 pair of small electrodes, 2 pairs of medium electrodes and 1 pair of large electrodes.

        Use code BUNDLE10 to save 10% when purchased with replacement electrode pads.

        Use this Quick Start Guide to easily get started with your treatment.




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