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    Shield Left or Right Wrist Support Brace

    $ 12.95

      Because pain is the number one reason of missed work in the United States, it is important to us that Shield helps all types of pain for all types of people. That’s why we test our products with top Chiropractors and Physical Therapists and back their quality with our amazing customer service.

      • PAIN RELIEF - Shield Wrist Braces provide lasting relief from several conditions such as Carpal Tunnel, Osteoarthritis, Tendonitis and more.
      • COMFORT AND QUALITY – Our brace helps provide the best comfort and functionality with breathable, lightweight materials and supportive stay with adjustable straps for a custom fit.

      • EXTRA SUPPORT- Designed for multiple purposes, our brace offers a removable aluminum splint in the palm for sprains and strains.

      • ONE SIZE- With soft neoprene you can adjust the two Velcro straps to any area of the brace so you always get the best fit for your hand and wrist.

      • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We understand you want a product made with the best available materials that works extremely well. That is exactly what Shield offers, all while providing you the best value for your money.


      Use Instructions: Most people bend their wrists when they sleep, putting pressure on the median nerve. By using the brace in a snug but comfortable position, you can keep it in a neutral position.

      You can also use the brace during activates that would cause flare-ups of the numb, tingling and burning pains you may receive from your conditions.

      Product Specifications:
      1 left or right wrist brace with removable splint and customizable adjustment

      By eliminating unnecessary, bulky packaging, our savings are passed on to you.  Plus, you can relax knowing that by keeping our product packaging minimal, your purchase helps to reduce waste on the environment.

      Pair with a Shield Touchscreen TENS Unit for optimal pain relief and Free Shipping!


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