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Kinesiology Tape 24 Pack (Pre-Cut Rolls)
Kinesiology Tape 24 Pack (Pre-Cut Rolls)
Kinesiology Tape 24 Pack (Pre-Cut Rolls)

    Kinesiology Tape 24 Pack (Pre-Cut Rolls)

    $ 89.95 $ 150.00

      Latex Free and wearable for over 5 days of relief, our elastic sports tape is designed to mimic the same flexibility as human skin with 100% reinforced synthetic fibers-  making it ultra light and extra durable.

      Use Kinesio tape for pain relief by providing structural support to muscles and joints through neuromusclar feedback.  Ktape is also designed to work with your body to support the affected area by improving circulation and lymphatic flow to promote healing.

      Whether acute injuries, chronic pain, swelling or inflammation; Shield's K-Tape will help return your body to proper function without restricting motion.

      Product Packaging:
      • 24 assorted color pre-cut rolls-great for doctor's offices!
      • 4 of each assorted color
      • Each waterproof roll is 2 inches wide and over 16 ft long
      • Pre-Cut rolls offer 9.5 inch rounded edge strips and a printed grid backing for easy cutting and measuring.
      • We don't use any fancy packaging or designs on our tape in order to provide you with the best possible, lowest price guarantee!
      • Each roll is shrink wrapped to ensure quality.

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