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    Hot or Cold Reusable Gel Pack Wrap

    $ 7.95 $ 9.95

      Tired of needing to sit to hold an ice pack in place? Does the cord on your heating pad have you stationary?

      We've solved those problems to keep you pain free even with your busy life.

      • Imagine rapidly overcoming the muscle, nerve, and joint pain that dominates and dictates your life.

      • Hands-Free flexible design fits around your neck, shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle, so you may enjoy freedom from pain wherever you go.

      • Formulated by top clinicians to offer cold therapy for acute injuries or deep heat for chronic conditions.

      • Conveniently store the ice pack in your freezer or heat in a microwave to provide the relief you desire.

      • The ONLY Hot or Cold Pack backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

      Specifications: Your purchase includes a multi-use hot/cold gel pack with soft polyester pouch and elastic velcro band for easy hands-free use! The soft gel pack may be stored in the freezer in case of emergencies or heated using a microwave or boiling water to provide relief for chronic aches and pains. The fabric sleeve may also be dampened to provide deep penetrating moist heat.

      By purchasing with the Shield TENS Unit, you not only receive extreme pain relief but also get Free Shipping! You can use the warm wrap over top of the electrode pads for amazing muscle relaxation!


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