Secret Garden 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser, Black (Open Box)
Secret Garden Diffuser Color Light
Secret Garden 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser, Black (Open Box)
Secret Garden 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser, Black (Open Box)
Secret Garden 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser, Black (Open Box)

    Secret Garden 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser, Black (Open Box)

    $ 25.99 $ 80.00

      Tired of looking at cheap plastic and fake wood diffusers?

      BrownCastle is proud to present you with a premium diffuser fit for a king or queen. With a floral iron design, your new diffuser will charm your guests with its various light settings and lovely fragrance - alleviating stress and uplifting the atmosphere.

      By choosing to purchase an opened box item, you not only save money but also help reduce needless waste!  Choose this certified like new product and you'll receive our premium diffuser at half of the cost.

      • Choose your length of diffusing from 1, 3, 6 hours or until empty (approximately 12 hours). Set your diffuser to mist constantly for maximum aromatic fragrance, perfect for masking even the most stubborn odors, or set to intermittently cycle on and off for 15 second intervals to provide an entire day of aromatherapy.
      • Designed for your convenience and safety. Our ultrasonic technology provides a safe, clean method of fragrancing without an open flame or heat while the humidifying process restores essential moisture to reduce chapped dry skin in winter months. Revolutionary sensors automatically power down the diffuser when the 500 mL water reservoir is empty, no matter which timer setting you use.
      • Made to serve your needs. Multiple light settings provide you with the option of a revolving color spectrum, color of your choice, warm white light, candle light or even complete darkness for the most light-sensitive individuals while sleeping.
      • Produced with superior quality, our water reservoir is BPA free and made to withstand the acidity of pure essential oils. Even oils that discolor will wipe clean to ensure your diffuser is always beautiful, inside and out.
      • Quieter than other oil diffusers that can sound like a cauldron bubbling.  We made our reservoir to cut down on the noise of water vibrating so you can tune out the world and relax.
      • Royal Living essential oil diffusers are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Our premium diffuser is designed for use from beginner to avid oil user. Plus, our U.S. customer service is always available and we stand by our products.

      Specifications: Your purchase is greatly discounted because the box has been previously opened, but we have certified that your purchase is like new and includes a Secret Garden Diffuser by Royal Living with a power cord and cleaning brush.

      Add Young Living Essential Oils to your order to begin enjoying your diffuser at its full potential and receive free shipping.

      Download your Quick Start Guide now for some fun Essential Oil 'recipes' and tips.


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