Large Rectangle Electrode Pads
reusable electrode pads
Electrode Pads for back

    TENS Unit Electronic Massager Snap-On Electrode Pads (20), Large

    $ 19.95

      Our ready to use, pre-gelled electrode pads offer up to a dozen uses per set so you get more treatments, and more pads, for less cost than other brands.

      • Save Time with our ready-to-use Pre-Gelled Reusable Pads. No mess & No medical conductive gel required.

      • Reformulated to ensure that even larger curved areas of the body receive the best adhesion and stimulation.

      • Free yourself from muscle, nerve and joint pain by using these pads with any snap on muscle stimulator or Shield Unit.

      • Latex Free and made to adhere to the contours of the body so you receive maximum pain relief with even the most sensitive skin.

      • Thick non-woven fabric backing means your pads are sturdy to last many treatments without fraying.

      • Double sealed packaging means your bulk purchase of electrodes keeps each set fresh so you are ready for any pain you may have down the road.

      • The Best and ONLY Pads backed by a 30 Day No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

      Specifications: You will receive 20 premium electrode pads with this purchase (10 sets). They feature a standard 3.5mm snap so that you can enjoy quality, affordable pads with nearly any brand snap-on massager. The dimensions of the rectangular pads measure approximately 2" x 3.5" each and cover about twice as much area as the medium hand shaped pads. Their large surface area make them great for back and leg treatments and no pull tab makes them stay firm to the skin without catching on clothes.

      Use code BUNDLE10 to save 10% when purchased with the Shield Touchscreen TENS Unit.

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