Block Your Pain

by Steven Brown on May 13, 2019

Our second announcement for this Spring is the release of medical braces for the support and stabilization of your most problematic areas.   

We formulated and tested many different styles with top Chiropractors and Physical Therapists to ensure we made braces that work best for you and are versatile enough for all body types.

Because pain is the number one reason of missed work in the United States, it is important to us that Shield helps all types of pain for all types of people. That’s why we’ve expanded our line to include, wrist braces, elbow braces, back braces and sacroiliac belts- all at the best possible prices. 

By eliminating fancy packaging and outrageous colors, our savings are then passed on to you.  You get what you need to enjoy your life and are assured that our quality materials and outstanding service are always here to help block your chronic and everyday pain.  Everyone should have the ability to live life pain free, without damaging pain medications, costly medical bills or high prices from brand name logos. 

You can also relax knowing that by keeping our product packaging minimal, your purchase helps to reduce waste on the environment. We don’t include thick product guides with useless information. Instead we only give you what you need to know and package the product minimally so you don’t have extra garbage and we don’t cut down any trees.

Check out the full line of home use pain relief here and let Shield Block Your Pain.