New Shield TENS Unit Released

by Steven Brown on August 12, 2017

Consumers who experience persistent muscle, nerve or joint pain now have a 21st century alternative to medication: Shield Class IV TENS-EMS Unit.  While TENS Units are no new treatment, this unit is an innovative step from the large bulky units used in doctors’ offices.  At the size of a smart phone, this new model allows for use at home or traveling; all while offering ease of use with a touch screen interface.

The Shield Class IV offers an LCD screen and two individually controlled ports to administer your desired treatment settings for two areas of pain at once.  Choose from 24 modes of stimulation and easily change the massage intensity - all with the touch of a finger.  With a unit that fits in your pocket, you can use it on the go - no need to set aside extra time in your day for treatment.

Dr. Steven Michael Brown created the Shield product line in an effort to make pain treatment easier and decrease the use of opioids. “So many individuals rely on pain medication every day.  In today’s fast paced environment, we choose what is easiest to get us through,” explains Dr. Brown.  “I want to provide a healthy alternative for those suffering from pain that is just as easy to use.  By making it a combination TENS-EMS unit, it can help with most types of pain.”

TENS Units work by providing an electrical stimulation at the site of pain.  By placing electrode pads at the area, a current is made that contracts and releases the muscles, releasing endorphins and improving circulation.  While medications only mask the problem and can have dangerous side effects, TENS Units use your body’s natural healing properties to help relieve the pain.

Modern TENS Units have been used since the 1970s, but Shield is one of the few home-use brands on the market striving to make pain management easier.  “Medical treatments and medications can be very costly, especially if you suffer from chronic pain,” said Dr. Brown.  “By using this personal unit you save on all those costs.  Plus the unit runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, making it as strong and effective as units found in a doctor’s office.”

This new unit has just become available on Amazon, and already has a 5-star consumer rating. The unit is covered by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.