The Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

by Steven Brown on March 10, 2017

Are you looking into purchasing an essential oil diffuser for your home?  If you aren’t and don’t have one, it might be something you should consider!  While the uses and benefits of a diffuser can go on and on, we have shortened it a bit for you.

Sleep Remedy and Mood Stabilization

Probably the top reason people get into diffusing oils in their home is to help relax.  If you think about it every person in the world needs help accomplishing that!  From stressed out stay at home mom, to Wall-Street business man, to hard working college student- we all have some kind of stress that keeps us from being our best selves.  Stress can make you sad or irritated and those emotions can keep you from a good night’s sleep.  But with the push of a button, a diffuser can help your mind and body relax. 

  • Use in the evening to unwind from a long day with Lavender or Chamomile.
  • In the morning use citrus or peppermint to help energize you.
  • Throughout the day use sandalwood to focus and frankincense to inspire you.



Stay Healthy

Diffusing in your home and office is a great way to keep the cold and flu at bay.  Many oils are anti-microbial and can come into contact with pathogens before they reach your body.  While oils are being diffused, you are also introducing essential moisture into the air.  This will help keep your airways moist and healthy.

If you do get sick, other oils like eucalyptus aid respiratory health to clear our airways.  If you are prone to allergies or other breathing disorders try diffusing in the rooms you spend the most time in to reduce inflammation and congestion.

In addition to diffusing you can also use oils for cleaning hard surfaces, purifying bed sheets and ingesting as a dietary supplement.


A Better Alternative

If you are no stranger to healthy living, you know that burning candles or incense can cause harmful carcinogens, not to mention the smoky after smell. Those with breathing disorders also can’t handle the scents of candles.  However, true essential oils are hypoallergenic, so anyone can use them!  Plus you don’t have the added risk of burns or wax spills with small children in the home.


No More Bugs

Oils like Clove, Lemongrass and Citronella deter mosquitoes, house flies, fruit flies or moths.  By diffusing these oils in your home you’ll prevent these critters from entering when you want to have the windows open in the summer.


Choosing Your Oils

Unfortunately, when it comes to essential oils, not all brands offer the same high quality you might expect.  While the label may state “Certified Pure” or “Therapeutic Grade” these are often just marketing terms companies use to pull you in.  The truth is the FDA does not regulate the grade of essential oils, so many of them contain fillers such less expensive nut and seed oils and even use synthetic scents.

At BrownCastle, we recommend only using trusted essential oil companies, such as, Young Living.  By only using truly pure essential oils, you will gain the most benefit for your health.  As a plus, Young Living is also a US based company and maintains a high standard of customer satisfaction.

When it comes to picking your scent there are so many options to choose from!  First decide if you are looking to purify your home, aid your health or help your mood and energy. Lemon is best known for purifying the air and boosting energy.  Eucalyptus soothes emotions and assists respiratory functions.  While other oils and oil blends, like Thieves, both smell great when diffused and help immunity support when ingested. So before you buy your oils, think about what you would like to accomplish by diffusing, topical use or dietary supplement. Whatever your need, most all oils will make your home smell great when diffused!

We offer some top selling Young Living essential oils at a discount on our store.  You can also click this link to become a Young Living Member and receive a discount off of the regular retail price with monthly orders.  Who doesn’t love saving money!