The New Secret Garden Diffuser

by Steven Brown on May 13, 2018

— The family owned home décor line Royal Living is expanding their line of Premium Essential Oil Diffusers with the release of the Secret Garden Diffuser.  While the online diffuser market offers many varieties of plastic and faux wood diffusers, Royal Living aims to create products that accentuate your home décor to visually charm your guests while appealing to your olfactory senses.

Natural and holistic remedies for health and relaxation are continuing to grow while more individuals are advoiding side-effects associated with chemicals of the pharmaceutical and sanitation industry. A recent study by Data Bridge Market Research showed an overwhelming 8.4% compound annual growth rate in the Essential Oil Industry and advancement continues.

It can be assumed this growth in essential oil use is due in part to the wide array of applications and variety of scents. Natural oils obtained by distillation have shown to effect physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. The easiest practice to receive these benefits is diffusing. When diffusing essential oils, ultrasonic technology disperses tiny molecules into the air. This type of Aromatherapy affects the Limbic system of the brain which controls your basic emotions. For example, lavender helps promote a restful night’s sleep, while lemon and peppermint can energize you to start your day.

Just as diffusing effects your olfactory senses, attractive decorations effect your visual senses. Every item that fills an interior is an expression of our personalities, from emotions to individuality to desires. Not only do we receive a positive or negative emotional response to our own space, but when we invite guests into our homes they instinctively evaluate us on our interiors.

Though material items don’t create happiness, we do feel joy by surrounding ourselves with things we love. Having a good experience with our purchases gives us a sense of accomplishment and produces a positive memory. “You wouldn’t want to buy a couch you don’t like, and be reminded of that every day”, said Megan Brown, owner of Royal Living. “Like most Americans, if I am going to spend money on something for my home, I want to love it, and I could never find a diffuser I really loved.” This was the motivating factor for Royal Living to create a line of premium Essential Oil Diffusers that have been welcomed as stylish, whimsical and romantic.

The Secret Garden Diffuser offers consumers a fashionable alternative to the typical plastic diffuser on the market, while not increasing in price. “We want to offer something that can be used by anyone and accentuate any décor”, said Megan. “The sleek design and simple layout allows even essential oil beginners to enjoy a quality product.” With multiple light settings, the user can blend the black iron design with any home or office setting or choose a light feature based on mood. Additionally, this diffuser features 4 timer settings from 1-20 hours and a larger tank to provide extended use without refilling.