Why Everyone Is Using Car Diffusers

by BrownCastle Team on August 29, 2019

Car diffusers are simple units that help to lightly disperse the fragrance from an essential oil.  They can be electrical, using an outlet in the car, or incomplex, using your car’s air vent to do all the work.  Electrical versions require additional water to be added to the unit, while clip versions require only the oil.

Car Diffusers


So what is the point of taking essential oil into your car?

From a long commute to a quick errand run, having essential oil in your car can have bountiful effects…


For most of us, driving causes stress, anxiety and fatigue but essential oils can naturally support your physical and mental state. Simply by using a car diffuser while you dive, you can create an inviting atmosphere to your liking, making the task a bit easier and less stressful.

    •                                 Try Peppermint to promote energy on a long drive
    •                                 To relieve stress try Tea Tree, Bergamot or Geranium
    •                                 Try a Cinnamon and Citrus blend or Pine and Bergamot to help keep focus.


    All the time spent in your car can create an odor that is embedded deep into the upholstery. That is in addition to the stench you might have from a trip to the gym or after school athletics. To keep things smelling fresh, try using an antibacterial oil…

      Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Lemon and Eucalyptus are all great for air purification


      With all that running around, we get worn out. And that time spent in public can sometimes take a toll on our wellness.  Luckily, essential oils can help promote good immune support!

        All of the purifying oils above are great for wellness and you can also try Lime, Orange, Frankincense, Thieves, or Oregano.

         stay healthy

        In addition to all of the benefits essential oils offer, they also replace the chemical filled fresheners you may currently have. Whether it is the dangly tree or a store bought vent clip, these chemicals can cause headaches, nausea and severe lasting health problems according to the EPA.  They are filled with carcinogens which require cancer causing labels according to California law-which still means everyone else in the world is at risk and shouldn’t ignore the facts.

           Toxic Fresheners

          Overall there isn’t a downside to using essential oils in your car…unless you truly love lavender in which case you don’t want to get drowsy while driving!

          We've recently released a whole new version of vent clip that is the easiest product on the market to use!  Just drop in oil and go! No water, electric, or felt pads needed.

          Turn on the ignition, and instead of breathing stale air, make the most of those hours in the car with a vent clip and an essential oil of your choice.

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