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    Shield TENS Unit Armband

    $ 1.95

      You don't always have a pocket on your outfit.  And with life's busy schedule we made our Shield TENS Unit  for treatment on the go- so we've also created an easy way for you to have your unit handy without actually having it in your hand.

      The stretchy Lycra band is made for use on the forearm or bicep to conveniently carry your unit and allow you to change your settings as needed.  Simply slide the TENS unit into the fabric pocket and then onto your arm where most comfortable. The accessibility of the armband pouch allows you to remove the unit to adjust settings while in treatment or do so through the black semi-opaque material when the screen is lit.

      By using this feature, you can continue your on the go treatment and reduce the chance of dropping the unit or sitting on it (woops! so goes life).

      The armband is a product of our customer's recommendations and feedback and now comes packaged with all new Shield Touchscreen TENS Units.  But, if you have an older model, we highly recommend this super affordable option, because we believe in making your pain treatment easy.

      Specifications: 1 armband sports pouch, 5.5" tall, 8" wide when un-stretched